Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Carol Vorderman, A famous British media personality is now herself in media for her plastic surgery rumors.

Carol Vorderman is one of the popular TV personality and best known for her “Countdown for 26” TV show. She was born in United kingdom and started her TV career by joining Channel 4 Game. Along with that she also presenting shows like “The Pride of Britain Awards”, “The Sunday Night Project”, “Better Homes” and “Have I Got news for you” and top TV series.

Possible Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery :-

Former Countdown girl is in news to have had nose job and breast implants to enhance her beauty and get some attraction towards her show.

Rhinoplasty¬†: You all might be aware that unlucky few months back, She was bitten by crab at Rick Stein’s restaurant. Soon after that see shared some of her photo with twitter and facebook fans. When we observe that we can clearly see that her nose was bent after that incident and Drs might suggested her to go for some cosmetic surgery to recover from that.
During that time many of the critics abusing her on for going to surgery and to change look for her nose. But she denied  claims she pretended her nose was broken to disguise plastic surgery.

Breast Augmentation :- This is the surgery most celebrity go to improve her look in front of camera. Recently on Award ceremony Carol was seen in light brown gown showing almost full cleavage and surprisingly at the age of 50s she was looking so sexy. After that award function many media reporter and surgeon quoted that she might went under the knife to increase size of her breast.

However, Carol Vorderman has dined all such rumors and told that “If I would have gone for surgery then I would look better”I wont even get involved with it all. She also told that I went for regular beauty treatment only and this is might be the result of that only. So friends what do you say? Does She ever have any kind of surgery or not.

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