Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Simon Cowell is in news for undergone various plastic surgery and everyone is talking about difference between his before and after look.

Simon Cowell is famous English television competition judge, TV producer, A&R executive. Born in 1959 and well-known for this various popular TV shows including “America’s Got Talent”, The X Factor, American Idol, Got Talent and many more. He also wrote book called ” I Don’t Mean to be Rude”.

Possible Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery :-
“Britains Got Talent”, TV judge is in gossip to undergone knife to perform various surgery.

Botox Injection :- This is the common surgery that every celebrity above 40s get to look young and fresh. During various interview Simon already confirmed that he regularly uses Botox Surgery. According some rumors he has gift Botox Injection to one of this friend. When we compare his before and after photo we can clearly see that changes. Now his face is almost without any wrinkle and circles and this is because of possible filler injected in various part of his face.

Apart from this, he might have had face lift surgery to look young. You can see him with smooth skin with stretched forehead.

By looking at the attraction for Botox Injection, many of the fans are worrying, Since too many cosmetic surgery may put him in danger area. You may see that many celebrity is suffering from negative effect of having over dose of such surgery. However, Simon added that he has note done any major surgery and also denied that he loves that. He said that I don’t want to have major and serious surgery but I usually go for minor changes.

What do you say? Should Simon Cowell go regularly for Botox kind of Plastic Surgery? Certainly he looks young but with too many may, his face might become emotionless and frozen.

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