Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before and After

Carrot Top, The top-rated comedian is rumored to have had excessive plastic surgery to maintain his look but it ultimately failed.

Carrot Top birth name Scott Thompson is the famous American stage and TV comedian and also known for his brown curly hair. He has won numerous award including Best Comedian of the year and also performed memorable role in movies like “I am Comic”, Chairman of the Board” and many more.

Possible Carrot Top Plastic Surgery List :-

Actually, Scott was expected to get new look and attract more and more fans but unfortunately due to bad effect of surgery his face looks ugly now. Do you know the reason? Its only because of using too much Botox in many part of her face. below are some of the possible cosmetic surgery we can see by comparing her old and latest photos.

Botox Injection :- Carrot might be thinking that why the heck I went for this surgery?, Yes! you read it correctly. When we see his both photos we can clearly see that in order to remove face lines and wrinkles he had tried excessive filler injection in many area of his face and which finally went wrong for him. We may have noticed that he was getting older naturally but soon after being in news of bad surgery he looks horrible and also emotionless face tells everything.

eyebrow-lift :- Famous surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn quoted on his blog that Carrot might have had mixture of both browlift and botox procedure. We can see that now his eyebrow is much arched. Probably Carrot wanted to abolish wrinkles and need smooth eyebrow but now it looks asymmetrical and unnatural.

Nose Job :- According to Dr. John Di Saia nose change slightly. Earlier he was having sharp nose but now its look fatty and also has long nasal tip. May be this is due to overload botox. Many of the fans also saying that Carrot took steroids doze and this is the result of that only.

You can conclude that after comparing photo of Carrot Top, His body is well-shaped now. We can clearly see six pack and this might be due to exercise and that steroids as well. But what fans really don’t like is his emotionless face which was his plus point when he performed on stage. Many of us also gossiping that he might has chemical peeling and laser cure also. What do you way Does Carrot example of bad Plastic Surgery or any other reason for this new look?

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