Is Pull-up Bar Effective equipment for fitness?

There are several exercises in the Fitness world which pull-ups for all age group. Since we all know that even a kid can work out, then this exercise have benefits and also doesn’t put you in the harm’s way. In the fitness world it is called Pull-Up bar, but outside of the fitness world, it is officially called “Height Growing Technique,” not many people know that using this method does not increase your height in the first place.

If you ever put some thought into it and figure out that the fitness method which is now known as the height increasing solution does not increase your height. However, when you pay close attention to it, you can find many benefits behind this fitness method. There are many advantages which would take a day to explain it’s qualities, but I would like to list few key points that can help you decide if you want to continue Pull-up Bar work out.
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Pull-ups is one of easiest exercise you can do. All you need a pole which you fit then just start working out. As a kid, many people have tried it in the past for different results, but any age group can work out using this method. You don’t have to buy a random pole for this to work. There are many inexpensive models you can try because it will not only help you work out but also give you the grip and quality make your job out easier.

Goo For Upper-body

Compound exercises are crucial for everyone because you are going to target multiple muscles. However, it does not have any effect on your lower-body, but it is a good work out for the upper work out. I think you already know that squats are important for you legs and pull-ups are for your upper-body, while squats will work on your lower-body. Treadmills comparison and full buying guide by is here.

Those who are aiming for the V shape should consider working out with the pull-ups because they are known for providing better muscles shape and work out on your biceps like no other equipment does.

Consistency With Quality

Remember, we are all aware that Pull-ups are one of the fastest way types of equipment which can help your build muscles like no other equipment can do but when you are slow and do not follow the rules of WORK, OUR Every day will not succeed. In bodybuilding consistency is paramount. What matters is that you are working out everyday without missing a day.

Strength & Improves Heart Rate

If you are working out every day for half an hour, then you would notice that your grip and strength is increasing day-by-day. You will also feel pains in your hands and muscles but do not panic because that is common, so slow down when you feel like your pain is not decreasing. Slow down till the pain is diminished. Not many people don’t know that your heart rate improves gradually.


If you are aiming for the “V” shape, then Pull-Ups are good for you, and it works like a charm. You will notice the changes within a month. If you have any questions, then let us know in the comment section.


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Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Simon Cowell is in news for undergone various plastic surgery and everyone is talking about difference between his before and after look.

Simon Cowell is famous English television competition judge, TV producer, A&R executive. Born in 1959 and well-known for this various popular TV shows including “America’s Got Talent”, The X Factor, American Idol, Got Talent and many more. He also wrote book called ” I Don’t Mean to be Rude”.

Possible Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery :-
“Britains Got Talent”, TV judge is in gossip to undergone knife to perform various surgery.

Botox Injection :- This is the common surgery that every celebrity above 40s get to look young and fresh. During various interview Simon already confirmed that he regularly uses Botox Surgery. According some rumors he has gift Botox Injection to one of this friend. When we compare his before and after photo we can clearly see that changes. Now his face is almost without any wrinkle and circles and this is because of possible filler injected in various part of his face.

Apart from this, he might have had face lift surgery to look young. You can see him with smooth skin with stretched forehead.

By looking at the attraction for Botox Injection, many of the fans are worrying, Since too many cosmetic surgery may put him in danger area. You may see that many celebrity is suffering from negative effect of having over dose of such surgery. However, Simon added that he has note done any major surgery and also denied that he loves that. He said that I don’t want to have major and serious surgery but I usually go for minor changes.

What do you say? Should Simon Cowell go regularly for Botox kind of Plastic Surgery? Certainly he looks young but with too many may, his face might become emotionless and frozen.

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Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Carol Vorderman, A famous British media personality is now herself in media for her plastic surgery rumors.

Carol Vorderman is one of the popular TV personality and best known for her “Countdown for 26” TV show. She was born in United kingdom and started her TV career by joining Channel 4 Game. Along with that she also presenting shows like “The Pride of Britain Awards”, “The Sunday Night Project”, “Better Homes” and “Have I Got news for you” and top TV series.

Possible Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery :-

Former Countdown girl is in news to have had nose job and breast implants to enhance her beauty and get some attraction towards her show.

Rhinoplasty : You all might be aware that unlucky few months back, She was bitten by crab at Rick Stein’s restaurant. Soon after that see shared some of her photo with twitter and facebook fans. When we observe that we can clearly see that her nose was bent after that incident and Drs might suggested her to go for some cosmetic surgery to recover from that.
During that time many of the critics abusing her on for going to surgery and to change look for her nose. But she denied  claims she pretended her nose was broken to disguise plastic surgery.

Breast Augmentation :- This is the surgery most celebrity go to improve her look in front of camera. Recently on Award ceremony Carol was seen in light brown gown showing almost full cleavage and surprisingly at the age of 50s she was looking so sexy. After that award function many media reporter and surgeon quoted that she might went under the knife to increase size of her breast.

However, Carol Vorderman has dined all such rumors and told that “If I would have gone for surgery then I would look better”I wont even get involved with it all. She also told that I went for regular beauty treatment only and this is might be the result of that only. So friends what do you say? Does She ever have any kind of surgery or not.

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Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery Before and After

Renée Kathleen Zellweger is the famous producer and voice artist and now in news for having plastic surgery to improve her look.

Renee Zellweger is the 44 year old famous American actress and producer who gain tremendous attention for her role in Jerry Maguire film. You might be aware that this Texas born girl has been nominated for Awards like Golden Globe, Academy Award, BAFTA, Screen Actors Guide and other awards.

Possible Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery :-

Surprisingly when Renee seen in NYC event she as looking totally different. So many of her fans even didn’t recognize her. This change is possibly due to Botox, Nose job, Chin Job and eyelife surgery as well.

Botox Injection : Now a days almost every 3 of 5 celebrity over 40s get into this common surgery practice. When you see above before and after photo you can easily understand why I’m talking about Botox. At the red carpet in NYC event Renee looks young without any wrinkles at her face and forehead. Also her face was shiny and heavily blow and this cause buzzing gossip for this American actress.

Nose Job :- Dr Brian Glatt quoted that it doesn’t look that she had any nose surgery but still her nose appear slimmer and that is result of weight loss. You can see that now she her nose has narrow tip which was wider earlier.

Chin Job :- Famous surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas stated that Renee might has have chin surgery. She added that when we compare recent photo with older we can see that her chin is free from lines and well shaped now.

Youn, M.D quoted at Radar, It seems that Zellweger might undergone for injection of botox and make her brows thin and sharp to create trademark look.However, Renee Zellweger didn’t confirmed any of these cosmetic surgeries, But Hollywood life conducted a poll and around 80% fans saying that they does. What do you say?

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Lara Flynn Boyle Before and After Plastic Surgery

Lara Flynn Boyle, Twin Peaks lady is in gossip to have Plastic Surgery and looks like it gone completely wrong.

Lara Flynn Boyle is the popular Hollywoon actress born in 1970 at lowa in USA. She perform roles in blockbuster movies like Men in Black II, The Practice, Red Rock West and many more. She got name and fame after her role in Twin Peaks but she look totally unpredictable when shopping at local grocery store of California with her mother.

Possible Lara Flynn Boyle Plastic Surgery :-

According to Dr Nasif, Lara might went for series of cosmetic surgeries including Botox, Nose job, lip augmentation, browlift, facial fillers and facelift. Unfortunately it gone wrong and she become example of disaster surgery.

Botox Injection : When Lara Boyle at 40s photographer at Los Angelos looks totally different in navy blue striped T-shirt. Her face looked puffy and many gossip blogger called that “Pillow Face”. Looks like she went for aggressive botox and facial filler injection which made her with swollen face. Many famous Surgeon quoted that “Botox went wrong and looks like she don’t able to recovery from after surgery effect”.

Rhinoplasty :- When we compare her most recent photo with older one we can see some sign of nose job. Earlier she was having narrow nose with sharp nasal tip and now having fatty nose with well shaped rounded tip.

Lip augmentation :- In her recent photo at grocery store parking her lips looked bigger that ever. She usually have medium size lips but looks like this is the result of heavily and unsymmetrical used filler in her face.

By checking before and after picture we can notice her extremely puffy cheeks and neck. Many fitness experts assuming that this is result of her poor daily meal plans. Many of her fans are saying that she need some weight and fitness tips from experts.

However when TMZ reached to the nearest source of Lara Flynn they told that she didn’t do anything wrong, She seems to be same as she was few week before. Same as other celebrity Boyle hasn’t confess in publicly about this rumors.

What do you say? Does Lara Flynn Boyle went for Plastic Surgery or not?

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Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before and After

Carrot Top, The top-rated comedian is rumored to have had excessive plastic surgery to maintain his look but it ultimately failed.

Carrot Top birth name Scott Thompson is the famous American stage and TV comedian and also known for his brown curly hair. He has won numerous award including Best Comedian of the year and also performed memorable role in movies like “I am Comic”, Chairman of the Board” and many more.

Possible Carrot Top Plastic Surgery List :-

Actually, Scott was expected to get new look and attract more and more fans but unfortunately due to bad effect of surgery his face looks ugly now. Do you know the reason? Its only because of using too much Botox in many part of her face. below are some of the possible cosmetic surgery we can see by comparing her old and latest photos.

Botox Injection :- Carrot might be thinking that why the heck I went for this surgery?, Yes! you read it correctly. When we see his both photos we can clearly see that in order to remove face lines and wrinkles he had tried excessive filler injection in many area of his face and which finally went wrong for him. We may have noticed that he was getting older naturally but soon after being in news of bad surgery he looks horrible and also emotionless face tells everything.

eyebrow-lift :- Famous surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn quoted on his blog that Carrot might have had mixture of both browlift and botox procedure. We can see that now his eyebrow is much arched. Probably Carrot wanted to abolish wrinkles and need smooth eyebrow but now it looks asymmetrical and unnatural.

Nose Job :- According to Dr. John Di Saia nose change slightly. Earlier he was having sharp nose but now its look fatty and also has long nasal tip. May be this is due to overload botox. Many of the fans also saying that Carrot took steroids doze and this is the result of that only.

You can conclude that after comparing photo of Carrot Top, His body is well-shaped now. We can clearly see six pack and this might be due to exercise and that steroids as well. But what fans really don’t like is his emotionless face which was his plus point when he performed on stage. Many of us also gossiping that he might has chemical peeling and laser cure also. What do you way Does Carrot example of bad Plastic Surgery or any other reason for this new look?

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